Long Time No Write

So it’s been a while since I posted. And I didn’t say I was gonna speak on different topics and stuff and I hopefully will. I’ve just wanted a bit of time to myself I guess to reflect and all that jazz that grown up do.

So Zack and I are actually really good in terms of our friendship…yes we still have sex but we’re just friends. I don’t quite know how I feel about him whether I want to be friends or more but I haven’t wanted to burst into tears and cry about this shitty behaviour which is always good I guess.

I’ve been on tinder and it’s been awful. I’m not looking for a new relationship just someone to chill with and everyone is just sexed crazed it’s not a great situation but I will persist I guess.


What The Actual F…

That boy is doing a great job in pissing me off today, he’s actually the definition of a DICKHEAD. So as I said he seems to have some problem with replying to texts when he seems them on his phone. I replied to texts when his stupid phone was in his hand (I checked to see if he was on whatsapp) and he just ignored it! And He’s been on whatsapp several times…I sent the message at 3pm! It’s not 10pm and I’m still being ignored. What kind of fuckeries is that. I was so excited to see him tomorrow now I don’t even want to go like he can seriously fuck himself. I probably will end up going tomorrow but I’m just gonna be bare snappy with him. I’m so tired of being this extra part of his life he can sometimes be bothered with. And it’s not like he doesn’t know I’ve told him! And he was doing a lot better but today he’s just pissed me off…I think I’m not pissed cos I’m meant to be seeing him tomorrow and if he can’t be fucked to talk to me but is probably talking to some next bitch then I’m obviously not that important. 

I’m trying to trust him but he makes it very hard, just cos I’m younger than him doesn’t mean I’m a dickhead. 

Am I overreacting? Urgh I hate feelings. We’re not even like together, like I’m sure if someone asked him if he was single then he’d probably say yes. I might just start saying that. Keep my options open since he’s a complete and utter twat. Though what if he has been completely like “faithful” and I do something stupid and fuck it all up. I’d rather he was the one to fuck up and not me cos then I have a clear conscience and stuff.