White People Don’t Like The Truth

So recently there was an article that Ed Sheeran was the most important act in Black and Urban music. Already alarm bells are ringing in my head! I’m not really one to comment on such touchy subjects but I saw a post on Facebook with two people arguing. One was a black girl and the other was a white male. The black female commented that she thought it was a bit of a joke that Ed Sheeran was named the most important act in Black and Urban music and commented on the fact that he was ginger and pale. From the tone of the comment there was clearly a tone of humour, playing on the fact that ginger people are stereotypically pale. The white male then proceed to call her racist for saying the he is pale and that her comment takes away from all the heard work that he has done. She the proceeded to say that she wasn’t doing that at all and she herself was an Ed Sheeran fan however she simply thought that naming somebody who has been heavily influenced by the black community shouldn’t be heralded above them. And the white guy didn’t seem to like this idea and kept bringing up hypothetical situation¬†when she was addressing the scenario at hand.

He got very upset  that she was calling out a white person. And why is it that white people seem to become very defensive when a bad word is brought up again white people