What Does It All Mean?

Hey Hey Peeps,

So I haven’t posted for about a week but with good reason. It was my birthday last week and I had an awesome party, got super drunk was cray! Anyways so Zack actually called me on my birthday and we spoke and shit and it was cool. Then I did a classic me and called him drunk and asked him when he gets a new girlfriend what will happen to our friendship? Will we stop talking and shit. And he was like how he just wouldn’t tell her!! That’s lying!! How many girls out there are happy with guys talking to their especially if they’ve spent time with each other outside of their relationship AND had sex?!?!?! NONE! NOT ONE! And so I remember telling him that I didn’t trust him anymore and this was proof as to why. And he got a bit defensive and was like how we would have this convo when I was sober. Has not happened yet…He also said I looked sexy…which was true. I looked GOOOOOOD!!!

But I think he’s talking to a girl he likes from plenty of fish cos he hasn’t been on in a while which must mean that he’s found a girl he seems to like right?? Which leads me to my next question…why does he still want to see me…I’m going home next week and I asked if he wanted a visit from me and his words were “I would love one” that really through me…a simple yes would have been ok. But nope he wants to be all weird. Then I asked/told him he was gonna make me the chocolate strawberries he promised me and he said maybe. But like he if he is talking to another girl why does he still wanna see me…are we still gonna have sex…cos Im kinda banking on it tbhh. Or maybe he’s given up on POF and is just gonna live his life?? I doubt it. But what does that mean for our Disneyland trip!! He can’t have a girlfriend till after Disneyland! I wanna have sex in Paris!!!! So long…I might bring this all up when I see him next week…sounds like a plan to meeeeeeee.