What I Did This Valentine’s Day

So I thought I would have a depressing valentines day with a tub of ice cream and my sad thoughts but I actually had a really nice Valentine’s. And it was kinda cos of Zack. We spent basically two hours on the phone just talking and having a laugh. Like he makes me laugh and I make him laugh, we’re an odd pair. We spoke about him and his broken life basically and relationships and stuff and none of it seemed awkward. I guess he was more honest with me…though I kinda new some of the stuff anyways. But yeah it was nice to just have a chat to him. I obviously still care about him even if he doesn’t care about me in the same way but it is what is it. We also discussed going to Disneyland in the summer and we just joked about doing loads of romantic stuff like rose petals on the bed and dinners and stuff. It would be nice to go to Disneyland but I doubt it will happen. I mean imagine if he gets a girlfriend and he tells her he’s going to Disneyland PARIS with his ex. No girl would be ok with that no matter what they said. I know I wouldn’t. So I don’t wanna plan ahead too much we’ll see where we are in the summer. Next time I’m at home and I go and see him he said he’d make me chocolate covered strawberries cos I made them last night and sent him a picture of it. We are seriously a confused pair of people. I am worried that he’s doing all of this so I won’t move on and I’ll always be there as his sort of safety net but I’m trying to to worry too much about it. I don’t think we’ll ever get back together but if I can just learn to trust him and he learn to be more honest we’d be great friends.


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