Low Heat

So I’m back from Zack’s!!! We watched a film ate some snacks it was cute and then we had sex!!!! But the sex wasn’t what I had expected at all. There was no passion at all…foreplay was minimal….a few strokes of the vagina the he sorta just went in for it. No kissing no nothing I expected at least some kissing but nope. Like I felt like he didn’t really wanna touch me during sex…like he didn’t wanna get to physical and stuff so he was holding back…there were times when it was good but then there were times when I could tell he just wasnt in it anymore and that sucked. I wonder if he felt it?? Probs not knowing him…he just wanted to get his dick wet and he did…mission complete…

I still have feelings for him and like we are so different now…I guess I’m more confident and a bit more outgoing with him and stuff than I was before. And we still flirt and laugh and have a good time…I dunno if the sex is gonna ruin it or not…I just wanna cuddle him but that’s never gonna happen. I am starting to feel like I’ve maybe made a slight mistake…urgh this is all so confusing it was just meant to be sex

Oh yeah and he didn’t even check if I was on the pill or not…like he asked if I wanted him to cum inside me or outside and I said inside but he doesn’t know I could have been lying tryna get pregnant and have his kids and he just trusted me no questions asked…weird


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