I’m Bricking It

Ok so I’ve been sitting here thinking about all the pros and cons to having a good old think about having sex with Zack. And like I really want to…I really do but I feel like he’ll be in control if I do. I keep thinking that he did cheat on me and if I did sleep with him he would still have his cake and eat it too. I’d also be lying if I said I didn’t have feeling for him anymore…and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have feelings for me. And like it sucks cos he’d be the only one who I would be sleeping with him but he”s probs gonna be sleeping with other people which sucks. Ugh this is all so hard…we shall see what happens when I go and see him…I haven’t even shaved yet!! Ive got so much to do tomorrow when I wake up…might sleep now and capture the day and all that shit…


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