So I’ve been a bit quiet lately, mainly cos I had so much uni work to hand in but I’m all done and I’m free to have fun and games and be happy and live! Woop. So what’s happened lately I hear you ask? Well nothing really…Zack and I haven’t actually texted each other in like a week. Which is the longest we’ve got without talking to each other ever…and it was weird and at first I felt like I he was with another girl and he just didn’t wanna talk to me in her presence, then I just didn’t get a reply and I just knew he didn’t wanna talk to me. Then my mind started racing and I started thinking about how much he’s hurt me and stuff and I was (and still sorta am) convinced he cheated on me and I just had a great cry and then like next day he called and we had like an hour chat about nothing basically. And he kept making lil comments about how he’s changed. It was silly little things like how he cleans up his flat and stuff but like doesn’t he get that it makes me think things. It would make any normal person think things…but he’s not normal so. I made a comment about him going to the gym and I asked him what he was gonna do and the conversation was so weird…like he doesn’t seem to know how to separate our past from our present and future friendship. I’ll show you how it went

Me: What you gonna do in the gym?
Zack: Everything
Me: You’re gonna do the whole gym?
Zack: Nah just all the girls [chuckles]
Me: [After a pause] You lil man whore
Zack: [Chuckles] Nah I’m joking, just you

MIND FUCK! Like we might as well just be together again but that’s not gonna work. And he told me how I’m gonna have so many orgasms when I see and him stuff. And he asked me when my train was and if it was on the same day and stuff like why would I stay over when we’re not together anymore…who does that??? So awkward! He confuses me…but I’m probs just over thinking stuff. I’m on my period right now and it better stop before next week cos I haven’t had sex in so long I might explode.

But should I have sex with him? Im so confused…I’m probs gonna make things worse for myself…


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