So what’s happened lately? Not a lot to be fair. Zack and I finally had a chat about what he wants and stuff and was beating around the bush but he finally said that he basically wants to be fuck buddies cos he’s still attracted to me and he doesn’t need to have sex with other people cos he doesn’t have to. Like it makes me think that he just wanted to be friends with me so he could keep having sex with me and stuff. I mean if he’d just said that front the start I probs woulda been like…erm fuck off…so he played it quite well I guess. So anyway I’m going home from university soon and I’m going to go and see him to get my early birthday present and maybe to have sex with me. It will probs happen. It’s been so long I’m doing pretty well I am super horny though like I was thinking about buying a dildo haha.

And OMG I could have had my first proper one night stand! I went out and I got with this guy and he was all over me but then I got in an argument and he left me for this potato looking girl…he downgraded. But I think it was a sign that he wasn’t meant to stick his penis in my vagina. But it was nice to kiss someone else other than Zack…I haven’t kissed anyone but him for a year! A whole year of just his lips on mine…and now I really do feel single like I can have fun again and still reap the benefits of his willy haha.


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