Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everyone!

So I enter 2015 as a single, independent woman! And I’m slowly starting to give up on any kind of friendship with Zack. He just doesn’t seem bothered and I’m busting a gut here and getting very little in return and I’m tired of being upset and crying over someone who is just living their life like I didn’t exist. And the more I think about it like I really do think he cheated on…and he technically did when he started texting his ex…that’s verbal cheating and he acted like everything was ok. I’m just getting more and more angry at him. So as I said before the cinema thing didn’t happen and he was like we can try and go another time. I was like I’m busy. Then after having a mental break down and a nap I texted him and was like we can go tomorrow if you  like (Friday 2nd) and no reply has since come from him. He managed to snapchat away about how drunk he was but he couldn’t offer me a simple yes or no answer. Yet again I’m bending over backwards for no reason at all.

But enough negative…for now…my life seems to revolve around negativity. It’s a new year!!!! And Ive set myself some pretty achievable resolutions.

  1. No more fast food (McDonalds, Burger King KFC etc…) This shouldn’t been too hard cos I did it before for like a year and a half and I haven’t eaten KFC for at least 3 years so really it’s just McDonalds.
  2. Exercising at least 3 times a week…when I’m at uni I can go to the gym and when I’m at home I need to use my X Box and do 45-60 of Zumba. This should be achievable again.
  3. Focus on my uni work. I really want to get a first class degree and I’m not working like I want one and it’s never too late to change. And now I don’t have the distraction of a boyfriend I can focus. Though I do have to push past the pain of the break up but keeping myself busy should help with that. And after my cry (which gave me such a headache) I’m feeling a lot better.

That’s all really I mean I’ll be working on myself all year there are something I want to improve about myself…like how emotional I am and how to sometimes keep that in check. I’m also trying not to hold grudges which is hard cos I’ve come into the new year angry and Zack but the past in the past I guess I should move forward and attempt to be his friend. But I’m not trying anymore. It’s all on him I guess.

Happy New Year Again Guys! And I hope you guys keep reading my blog. I dunno what I’m gonna talk about since my sex life has grinded to halt but I’ll make it work I promise. I think my posts will be a lot more deep…and less ranty. I’ve already got a topic for the next one. It might be long it might be short but it will be about sex ;).


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