Time To Give Up

So I meant to be getting ready to go to the cinema soon and I’m still in my pyjamas…we briefly texted this morning (like early morning) and I told him that there cinema tickets for dates into the New Year but reminded him that we’re still going today. And he was like “that’s good just in case shit fucks up today”. That instantly gets alarm bells in my head that he’s planning on not coming. It’s not exactly the first time he hasn’t done something he said he would. He let me down so many times when we were together…we’re not together so he doesn’t owe me a thing now. I don’t understand why he doesn’t just go and ask one of the many girls he’s probs talking to as we speak. It would make things so much easier.

Im starting to think this friends thing isn’t gonna work out cos it’s too much like playing minesweep…I’m treading on little squares hoping that one of the bombs doesn’t go off and we both know that a bomb is going to go off sooner or later.

I’ve texted him telling him a time to meet me he has three hours so do whatever it is he’s doing. Or I just don’t care anymore cos this will be the second time he’s done this cinema thing and the millionth time he’s let me down.

When he speaks he seems like he actually wants to be friends and move forward as far as he can but he actions are telling me a different thing and actions speak louder than words right? Maybe I should leave all of his bullshit in 2014 and move on with my life?? I deserve to be happy.


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