Something Is Wrong With Me!!!

Something is actually clinically wrong with me! So I gave the letter I wrote to Zack to him…not the one I wrote on this blog…I gave him a very long an detailed letter about how I was feeling. So finally after like two days of me waiting for him to call him, he dropped called me and the conversation started off bare random we spoke about the holiday that I’m planning on going on. And the he brought up the letter and my throat literally closed up…I couldn’t speak I had all these things that I wanted to say to him about how I felt and my mouth just closed up. My mind was racing away and my mouth was saying very little!!! I did say how it’s weird us being friends cos we never really had that relationship before we went from being strangers to just sorta having sex and then “falling in love.” So being friends is a bit weird and said how he doesn’t know when if he will ever stop caring be being attracted to me and how so hanging out will be hard and shit cos there always be a certain level of awkwardness between and he doesn’t think we’ll ever be able to be like close friends seeing each other like all the time. Which I agree with but we’re attempting to go to the cinema again this Tuesday…OMG which would be the same time we went out last year for the first time OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!

Tis all for now…Im still so pissed with myself


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