Back, Back, Back And Fourth

So I’m back to moping and being sad. Like after yesterday all my feelings for Zack have sorta come back harder…like I just don’t know. I realised that I still really wanna be with him. So bad…so so so bad. I thought I was ok. And like today he sent me a picture of a parcel that he packaged at work and it was to Disney Company…like that made me smile…he’s still finding ways to make me happy. So we’re meeting up next week to actually try and go to the cinema and stuff. And he said that he would come to the station near my house and stay with me a couple stops (which is like half an hour) to keep me company. I don’t understand why he would offer to do all these things and not what to be with me.

I’m just scared that he’s gonna move on and then I’m gonna be left alone and unwanted. Cos that’s how I feel…unwanted. And like I just know he’s gonna be move on to someone better than me in every way possible. *sigh*

So I welled up for the first time in like a week…I dunno if Ima be able to deal with going to the cinema but he really wants to go and I wanna prove I’m as strong as him so yah gotta do what you gotta do right.

Also I should get my period tomorrow…though I’m not really getting any proper cramps like I should…which is worrying but it should all be fine I thinks.

Oh yeah so he said he was gonna call me about the letter I wrote him…still no call yet 😦 but I don’t wanna bring it up…it’s embarrassing so erm no thanks.


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