Anti Climax…?

So today was the day me and Zack where going to the cinema…he didn’t tell me what time we were meant to be going till like 11am this morning…cutting it a but slim. But anyways I already knew I was gonna be super late and to be fair he should have known that too. So I text him saying I was gonna leave and that and I didn’t know that it hadn’t been delivered to him phone so I made my way like usual. I get there and it just doesn’t ring and I’m like wonderful.

So I buzz his buzzer and I can see that the light is on in his friends room and I buzz thinking that it’s him but it is not. And I wait for like 10/15 mins with no answer and so I started thinking that he was playing some sick kinda joke on me and so I was on the phone to my friend swearing like there was no tomorrow! I get the bus and finally he calls me and shit and says his phone was dead and he went to the Apple Store to get a new charger. I was like why didn’t you think I was gonna come! And we talked and I was so upset and angry that I told him our friendship was over! But then I got off the bus and went back to give him his vest and his Christmas present and by that point the anger was just seeping from me and I really wanted to just see him and see how I felt when I did.

He came and we spoke at the front door for like 15 minutes…he apologised and shit and we spoke vaguely about us and stuff…he told me he’s single…he better be single it’s been like 2 weeks he can’t have moved on so quickly! I told him that as well. He asked me if I wanted to go upstairs and I was like “I don’t think we’re ready for that yet” which he agreed with and he muttered that he was still attracted to me and still cared about me and I guess we both know we’re not ready to be in a room alone when all we know is how to be romantic I guess. I said that he still needs to take me to Disneyland to make up for it and he at first he joked but he said that it’s something we could work towards. Though sleeping arrangements would be weird. It would be weird getting ina bed with him…in Paris…and not having sex…or cuddling but I think we’ll get there…some day.


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