Is It A Date?

So Zack and I are meeting next week Tuesday so I can give him his vest back and stuff. When I asked if he wanted it he seemed reluctant to come and get it, then he suggested we go to the cinema…so I said I’ll do down to his area and he said he’d pay for my transport but I just asked him to buy me cinema snacks instead.

I’m super excited but also really nervous cos like how do I act and stuff…I guess the pressure gets taken away cos we’re sitting in a dark room for like 2 hours in silence which will either break or create tension. But like how do I act on the way there with him…Ive only ever known one way to act with him and so WHAT DO I DO?! What do I wear! What do I say! URGH I bet he’s gonna be so casual about the whole thing cocky shit. Ugh I hate this.

Maybe it’s all too soon…but I’ve decided that if we end up going back to his house that I’ll stay for like 2 seconds and not have sex with him. Cos what is he is interested still and I just give in so quickly?


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