Dear Zack

So I need to write how I’m feeling about this whole break up cos I don’t even think that I really know to be honest. Sometimes I’m fine and sometimes I just wanna cry and beg him to take me back. I haven’t cried in like two days but I can see myself crying as I write this letter to him…I’m already tearing up and I haven’t even started ha.

Dear Zack

So it’s been like 5/6 days since we broke up and at times I’m ok with it and at other times I just wanna fall to pieces. Which is pathetic cos I know you’re living your life like nothing’s happened. I really did love you and I still do. But I’ll move on…I know you will…or have. I hope you haven’t moved on so quickly and that you still have feelings for me, cos I’d feel a bit stupid being the only one who cares still. I feel stupid now. I just don’t understand you, we spoke about all the shit that was wrong after we broke up…like I wanted to do before we ended. It makes me think that you really did cheat on me. But I have no proof…though those message were a bit X rated…but I’ll take your word for it. I’m so confused as to what your intentions are…why invite me to watch The Hunger Games…like a date…I know I’m probs reading too much into it but like it hasn’t even been a week and I’m already one of the guys basically. I really wanted to go to Winter Wonderland…I might suggest it to you still…would be nice…
Though I wanna know why you’re being so snide about Josh, what has ever done to you? He’s just my friend and you never even met him…you just spoke to him like once or twice.

I do hope I see you at least once this Christmas…I’m not gonna lie…deep down I’m hoping we get back together…crazier things have happened right? Maybe not anytime soon though…you and I both have issues we need to work on and that’s gonna some time I guess. But as long as I can have you in my life still I’m content for now. 


Love Your Disney Princess 


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