Moving To Fast??

So basically you should already know…I’m single…imagine this time last week me and Zach were cuddling in bed or having a shower or something ready to fuck…and now I’m sitting a Minnie Mouse onesie very much so not about to have sex.

So anyways I got a bit emotional today cos he was taking forever to reply and we were having a proper chat…turns out he was at the gym…so basically he called me!! YES HE ACTUALLY CALLED ME and we just chatting it was nice and just felt better…he said he doesn’t have a great track record with girls and he’s trying to change that with me…I was flattered but I also gotta be cautious. But anyways he asked if I’d seen the latest Hunger Games…which I told him I already had and he was like he was gonna ask if I wanted to go. We’re meeting up so I can give him back his vest and he can give me my Disney Stickers that he promised me so we might go out or summin who knows…I dunno if it’s too soon or what…

And he said like if he thought I could handle it he’d come and visit me again at uni…I had to remind him about the distance but he still seemed up for it…and I feel a lot more relaxed after that convo like I actually had the first proper smile and laugh on my face since I read his messages.

But do you think I’m moving too fast planning on seeing him and stuff like…I mean he’d been taking days out of his week to come and see me and not have sex…I would try not to have sex anyways…that would be the plan…wouldn’t his guy friends judge him though?? URGH

On a completely different note…my discharge really stinks…it’s been like that since I’d first had sex with Zack I dunno if it was the sperm just reacting with my vagina or what but the scent should have gone by now…I swear if I found out I’ve got some STI he can kiss goodbye our friendship…I’ll keep you updating on the scent lol.


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