Stupid People

Now I don’t want to come across as being judgemental but fuck it that’s what’s gonna happen…cos I’m actually puzzled as to how so much stupidity can come from one conversation.

It all started out because I questioned my friend on how old the world is (there is more to this but never mind) and tells me he doesn’t do to uni and he isn’t a scientist so how does he know…I mean REALLY…you don’t need to be a scientist or have a degree to know that the world is like 4 billions years old…I guessed about 3/4 and then went on google to double check. I then got to told that Google isn’t trust worthy cos it’s man made…WOW…so i said to him…money is man made and he trusts money like it were his own blood.

And now the argument has moved on to the topic of whether Google is a search engine or a website…and apparently cos he’s done IT as some point in his life (haven’t we all) he’s qualified to tell me that Google is in fact a website…I mean I may be wrong but I really doubt it…from a young age we got told Google is search engine just like Bing and Yahoo…but hey I didn’t do IT past like year 9 so what do I know…

Sorry about that but I just need to rant about something that wasn’t my love life. I’m not usually a mean person but there is a limit of ignorance one can take before you just explode and it was defo surpassed with ample more stuff (rubbish word) to go. I’m not claiming to be the smartest person in the world…I mean he’s probs more street smart than me and so we’re built to survive differently but I just feel like our future is in jeopardy if this is the level of awareness of simple things that some people have…not all just some…but it’s enough.


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