My emotions are all over the place. Zack and I are still recovering from our little thingy and he’s really making an effort it’s so sweet like he FaceTimed me out of the blue and it really shocked me and stuff and we have decent conversations so we’re moving forward but now I just really miss him and stuff and like I just wanna speak to him about my feelings sometimes but like I just don’t and for good reason. He’s just read my last two messages and not replied and they were both replyable so he had no good reason not to reply to either of them so this all just sucks tbhh. And like I really did wanna just tell him how much I missed him but now I don’t wanna be ignored again.

Long distance is so hard and I’m conscious as it and like it’s really sinking in that I’m not gonna see him for a while and it’s not fair especially being surrounded with all these couples I do get a bit jealous cos they don’t really know what’s its like and like my relationship started as a long distance thing but it’s getting harder instead of easier 😦 I’m so confused.


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