Long Distance Relationships

So Zack and I are ok I guess. We had a lil chat early this morning and it was ok. I really miss him but I’m gonna be seeing him in like two weeks so yah know.

It’s really hard to be in a long distance relationship but to be far with Zack it’s all I’ve known. We started out long distance and like to be fair this summer was the only time we saw each other really frequently. Sometimes I think the long distance helps up and sometimes I think it doesn’t. But I guess if we can make it through the next two years then everything will be ok. I really don’t want this to be another case or right boy wrong time.

Pros to a long distance relationship:

  • You get to know them on a more personal level and not physical
  • You have a chance to miss them
  • You appreciate their presence more
  • You learn to go without sex for longer periods of time
  • You actually look forward to phone calls

Cons to a long distance relationship:

  • Can’t just meet up for a quick cuddle
  • You miss them more…especially when around other couples
  • Phone conversations aren’t enough sometimes (even Skype)
  • Insecurities start sometimes
  • Don’t get to have sex that often. Or cuddle or kiss

Both lists could probs go on for miles but those are the main things for me tbhh.


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