I spent a good few minutes trying to think of a title for this post and came up with nothing. I just don’t know what to call it, I’m so confused and everything so I guess the question marks kinda represent that.

So basically my boyfriend was meant to be coming down to see me tomorrow but like a few days ago he started just annoying me with like really late replies and he mentioned that the tickets hand’t arrived and like if they didn’t come he wouldn’t come and so I prepared myself for him not come and stuff. I guess I just got really stroppy with him and like he took like 26 hours to reply to a message and then read a message I sent him in like 10 minutes and didn’t reply and it was pretty clear from the message that I was upset with him and I just wanted him to ask why and stuff…show he cared yah know. But nope, so I had like an emotional cry, it was awful, and then the next day I was so still upset so I sent him a message telling him not to bother coming to see me cos I wasn’t in the mood to see. He called me and told me I’d pissed him off by saying that and shit so long story short, he’s not coming so, tickets gone to waste…

But we didn’t really resolve the issue and I called him before I went out so I could talk to him and he sorted just skated around the topic and then told me he had something to do and hanged up. Like whenever I’m upset he never really solves the issue just brushes it under the carpet. Well there is a lot of shit under that carpet now and I wanna resolve it!! So i sent him a message last night while I was sobering up and it basically just explained how I feel like he doesn’t really care about me and stuff and yeah I’m hoping to see him in like two weeks. Though I really wish he was coming tomorrow but I’ve made my bed so now I have to lie in it I guess.

It is what is it.


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