Late Update

Hey Hey Hey!! So I’ve been back from Zack’s a while now I just hadn’t made the time to update y’all on our time together. It was good, I didn’t cover him in a million kisses…just one…I wanted to keep my cool haha. When we got there his flat mate wasn’t there which was cool…was like old times yay!! We chilled in his room just cuddling and shit…then was like “what do you want to eat” so we decided on McDonalds, I tried to get him to go for me but then I decided to go with him. But before that we had sex, cos I wanted to and I knew McDees would make me all bloated and no one wants to have sex all bloated so we had some great sex and went to McDee. Only down side was he made me bleed…he tore something with his stupid penis!!! So sex the next day was really fucking painful like it was all burny and stingy which was not fun! At ALL!! But it still felt good and thats the main thing right? So yeah we spent the day chilling with each other and playing this cool game called Ruzzle (which is like boggle but it’s not) Then his friends came and he left me so I had a nap and he woke me up coming back into his room. His flat mate came home and he went to chill with him and after a while I joined them was a bit awkward cos I wasn’t wearing a bra but it was alright I guess, then we went to bed cos he had work in the morning. I really didn’t want him to go to work but he needs moneys so I let him, though he was late cos I basically wanted to have good bye sex. He was only half an hour late which isn’t that bad I guess? I fell back asleep cos I was tired and made his bed and shit before I left.  I really wanted to steal his hoody that I had been wearing while I was there but I didn’t…I wonder if he would have noticed??

I’m seeing him next week Sunday…so excited!!!

And just wanted to say Hi and Thank You to all you guys that read my blog!! It’s nice to know I’m not just writing this for no reason. If there is anything you’d want me to write about lemme know :D.


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