Spiders and Shaving

Haha, I know my title is a bit odd but it will all makes sense I promise you little ones. So basically last night a MASSIVE spider appeared in my room and attacked me. My flat killed it for me…I love him for it and then another one did a spider check but I’m still nervous 😦 so anyway I was all in shock so I called Zack to hear some calm words..oh how wrong was I to call him…he called me PATHETIC and laughed…I’m still rather upset with him to be honest. No one wants to hear that their pathetic especially from their boyfriend so I got a bit snippy with him and that was that.

Though he was a prat to me I;m so excited this time tomorrow Im gonna be with him in bed either having sex or watching a movie!! I’ve done all my prep…I did a full vagina shave and OMG I thought I’d got a lot of the hair a few days ago but how wrong was I??!! I went really close and boy there was hair for days!!! And my bum bum was a bit hairy…jheez…pros and cons to long distance…pro: you don’t have to shave all the time…con: when you do it’s like a furbee down there and you risk blocking the drain with all that hair! But I might call him now actually…I said I wouldn’t but I wanna speak to him and tell him he’s a twat.


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