I Just Wanna Cuddle

So it’s been like 26 days since I saw Zack and I’ve been an emotional roller coaster. I think it is fair to say I miss him!! Long distance is hard cos I know it’s like a 2 and half hour journey. So I can’t just go and have a quick cuddle and be happy. I have to wait to see him and stuff. Like yeah I’m horny but I can handle that; I miss cuddles and kisses and hugs and just being with him. I just wanna lie on his chest and be there for a bit, no talking just cuddles. I can’t wait to see him I’m gonna give him the biggest hug ever followed by like a million kisses. The days are dragging on so much I’m dying a lil but I know I’m gonna be so excited to see him when I’m on the train.

One thing about long distance is that you go so long without sex that the sex just feels so much better even if it’s average maaate! Can’t believe it’s gonna basically be a whole month since I’ve seen him. And one of my flat mates has seen her boyfriend 3 times in the past month and she’s getting all upset and shit. I think I have a bigger right, but then they have been together longer than me and him and basically lived together over summer so the change is a bit different I guess. Ah well.

Oh and guess who’s make on a pill. MEE it’s a cool one that has different amounts of the hormones in some of the pill, hopefully my vagina likes this.


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