So my love life really is a roller coaster of emotions. So from my last post you may know that Zack was being a prick and I eventually snapped at him, but I guess I know in my heart that I’m over reacting cos I never really tell him why or I just feel silly when I do so I just left it and we met up last night to go out for a meal. We were meant to go to a restaurant in Angel but it was closed! As is SHUT DOWN. So we went to China town and walked around for ages until we picked a restaurant he let me pick one cos it had seaweed please him. So yeah anyways we’ve been getting more close in public I guess. Like we held hands for ages and a bit of PDA on the bus stop and on the bus. We got back to his and his friend was there we said hey and then I went to his room and yeah after a while we had sex. OMG it was so passionate like it was rough but passionate so much kissing and OMG it was basically love making. I fell asleep though and got home at like 6am, I wish I stayed longer though I left in such a rush I only got a quick kiss.

He called me when I was on the way to the bus stop and I swear he said “love you” when he said bye. It’s so awkward cos I do love him but every time I think he says it I never properly here and so I never get a chance to say it back and I’m just silent.

Oh yeah, I did it again and had unsafe sex! I swear I need to stop I really do and I think I might be ovulating which is just stupid of me….yes he pulled out but that’s not safe. But it felt soooo good, condoms just make me go all dry and that is just not me…usually I’m like a ocean down there when I get going.


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