Back To Reality

I can never be happy for more than a few days it would seem. So it was Zack’s birthday like last week and I called him and shit and we chatted for a bit and shit and then it took him 2 days after that to reply to my message that I sent…and for the past few days I’ve gotten 2 replies from him a day…like how is that ok…I’ve been with him on several occasions and his phone has gone off and he’s replied like super speedy. He’s even proved that he reads my messages and just leaves them there cos when I saw him I messaged him saying i was on my way but he didn’t read it and then he was like “you got here quickly” meaning he saw it pop up and just left it there…which didn’t matter cos that situation didn’t really call for a reply.

What’s really grinding my gears is that he just doesn’t seem to care…like I’ll have the most depressing status and he will not bat an eyelid and ask me what’s wrong yet these annoying bots are so quick to ask me what’s wrong. Like he’s meant to be my boyfriend but he really doesn’t act like it and it hurts I guess cos I obviously care more than he does and it shows…I called him on his birthday…did I even get a text on mine…lol.


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