Happy Happy Happy

So yesterday, I went out with Zack, we went to creams it was so cool I got a waffle and sundae. The stupid twat forgot him PIN so i paid but tbhh I didn’t mind, we’ll call it an early birthday present. It was really sweet sharing a sundae and shit…he used a fork cos he wouldn’t get up and get another spoon. Something defiantly changed in me, like he actually called me his girlfriend…his words were “you’re a shit girlfriend” cos I don’t eat pork. So now I feel like I don’t wanna be entertaining other boys and shit, like it’s just him. And we held hands in public LOL and we kissed like PDA woop lol. But I had a good time with him and swear we had the most passionate sex I think we’ve ever had though something went wrong with I went on top cos I hurt after like he stretched me in a really weird way. I’m really not very good on top, I just feel like a dummy and it doesn’t feel the same and shit urgh I wanna be good at sex. 

Like I don’t see myself with another person like ever, and I feel like he feels the same tbhh cos I looked at the condom expiry date and I was like 2018 and so I was like “you’ve got time” or summin like that and then I said “you gonna use them” and he was like “in the next 4 years?” “and I was like “yeah” and he was like “well yeah” and I was like “with who??” and he was like “well with you hopefully” AHHHHHHHHHHH I do wanna be with him forever it just sucks that he was the 3rd boy I ever had sex with, there is more penis out there and I may never get to sample but I honestly do love him so it’s a small price to pay I thinks. 

On  more serious note I actually thought I was pregnant but I took like two tests and nothing so phew….im 19 and I’ve taken like 6 pregnancy test at home and been tested twice (I didn’t ask for it) at the clinc) I think protecting is must . We use it now, I can tell he doesn’t really want to but I don’t want that risk and I know he doesn’t so no bare back until I go back on the pill. Though he doesn’t really want me to cos it didn’t really agree with me last time but I know he’s not a major condom fan so Ima do it.


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