The Future

So this is pretty random but I was thinking about how when you’re in a relationship it’s either gonna be that person for the rest of your life or it’s not and that’s really scary. Like I’m still in my teens (19) and that kinda scares me and you’re gonna laugh at why, but I’ve only been sexually active for like a year and there is so much more penis out there to sample and as much as I love Zack (omg I just said the l word) I do wanna try new things and stuff. But to be honest I don’t see me ever ending it to be fair so my future sort of rests on him and I guess my behaviour. But to be honest we never really have any like proper arguments and any time he sees I’m going off with him he changes him attitude. Like I do want a future with him cos he makes me feel special I guess and every girl wants that but I also want to try other penis if yah get what I mean. 

He’s older than me and so I think he’s probs has way more vagina and he was like 15 when he lost it so yeah and I feel like I’ve got a lot to live up to. Urgh Im confused.


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