Hey hey hey! So I’m just gonna update you on my relationship. I stayed at Zack’s last night, I told my mum a wee fib which i feel awful about and I will tell her someday maybe after she meets him. But yeah I got there and his friends were there but he stayed in his room with me which was sweet. We watched Flubber and just cuddled which I liked, it was nice to just cuddle with him and spend time with him. I quite wanted to have sex but it just didn’t happen that night. Though in some ways he proved that he cares about me cos I wanted him to heat up my burger and he wouldn’t so I said “if he you care about me you’ll do it” and he actually did and I feel all fuzzy inside now. But yeah we woke up at like 8am after going to sleep like 1:30 probs later and I wasn’t thrilled but we had sex and it was goooood. The only thing I hate about having sex with him is that 1. we use condoms which are just moment ruining and 2. penetration HURTS so much every time without fail. It’s like the hole gets too small and refused to allow the penis to go in. He has to go like super slow and shit which is just long and I just feel bad for him but I’m sensitive sooooo! We went back to sleep after that and then woke up and watched Aladdin, I’ve always wanted to watch a Disney cartoon with him and now I have. Happpppyy! Anyways we had again before I left and it was awkward cos we were cuddling jus before and his friend walked in and then when we were having sex his friend was at the door tryna have a conversation with him like he wasn’t busy. I was so scared they were gonna walk in like AWKWARD but they didn’t yaaaay! 

I feel like I’ve ruined a good thing though cos as I was leaving the station to go home one of those people who stop and try and get you to sign up with stuff stopped me and I was just like “I’m 19” and so he stopped trying to get me to be his customer and he started moving to him with such confidence, but not cocky or hood rat like. So I gave him my number..Was I wrong to do that, where’re texting right now. Though I would like to say I’m not attracted to him like I am to Zack not even a lil.


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