Good morning everyone!! Hope you had a good sleep and all. For once I defo did. Super excited about that to be honest. 

Any so if you read my last post then you will know that I complained about Zack not talking to me that much and now I’m still waiting for a reply almost 24 hours now!! What kind of bullshit is that…like he’s actually just taking the piss…unless he’s in hospital (god forbid) there is no way in hell he hasn’t gone on his phone within that 24 hours…I mean there are a few times where I’ve seen on his whatsapp that he hadn’t been on all day…but now that he’s taken his time stamp off (twat) all I can do is assume…so I’m going to assume wild things like he’s cheating on me and all that crap when chances are thats not true at all. Though he did tell me he went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy and I really doubt he went to watch it with his boys, though he does like Marvel so maybe he did…seeeee this is what happens when he does shit like this…I get paranoid and come up with crazy stories!!!!!!! I hate it!!! 

Well I’ve decided I’m going to ignore him for as long as possible unless he replies at like stupid o’clock…which he will…which sucks cos I wanted to go to Nandos tomorrow cos I have these cards that run out tomorrow but ah well…dickhead


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