Safety First

So I’ve been thinking that i really want to go back on the pill the only problem is that it doesn’t really agree with me but I just don’t like condoms though the brand I used recently is actually really good cos it’s not thick which I quite like 😉 but I prefer skin on skin contact. I dunno like when it pops out I like feeling how wet I am on his dick and stuff like that…odd but hey 😉 hehe. So yeah I might see how it goes for now and then when I go back to uni go to the clinic that I basically live at and see about getting a brand I haven’t tried before. 

I have also made and attempt to get rid of this constant yeast infection, I bought to oral yeast infection pills I’m just waiting for them to arrive now, you get three pills and you only use one when you get the infection so I’ll have two spare woop! Hopefully it all clears up cos I’m getting a tad self conscious. Anyways tis all…xx


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