A Conversation

Am I asking for too much? Like it is too much to want to have a decent convo with my boyfriend (I dunno still tbhh but lets call him that for ease)? I just want to go through a day where I can have proper conversation with him, not these stupid one message every 8 hours. I know this sounds sad but when we first started talking he I noticed that he used to message at roughly the same time each day until he got to work. I thought it was cute and a bit odd and then when the messages started getting later it was easier to notice cos I had picked up the pattern beforehand. 

What bugs me is that I know he’s with/on his phone and like when I went to see him he was stuck to his phone will I was laying next to him…yet when I’m not with him you’d think he rarely sees his phone. And what rattles me the post was that it was some girl he was talking to…obvs an old friend but still…I guess cos I don’t know any of his friends it’s just weird urgh…anyways yeah I’ve moaned at him before and he didn’t really change so what am I gonna do ey??


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