Hey hey hey, so it’s been a while sorry. So anyways I got back from my holiday and I went to see Zack cos I hadn’t see him for a while due to reasons and shit. But yeah I felt like he was being really odd with me and shit like he wouldn’t really look at me and he spent more time on his phone than he did talking to me. And I dunno maybe it was just the fact that we hadn’t seen each other in a while but I felt he was being distant and he had told me before that one of his friends was moving in with him and shit but he he won’t really tell me who. So that makes me think it’s a girl cos like he said he’s not getting a bed for the sitting room or nothing, like why would someone want to pay rent to sleep ona sofa and he has a double bed soooo…but maybe that’s me being paro.
But I think we did something really stupid. Well I know we did…we didn’t use a condom, I mean he pulled out and stuff but still…I’m not really worried as I have been in the past cos I trust him and there was a lot of sperm that i felt come out on to me so I guess that means he hadn’t had some in while right? Urgh this is all so complex!! Why can’t I just feel normal about it??


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