Condoms Part II

So yesterday I went to see Zack and cos it’s been so long and I was kinda late but I saw his mum on the stairs and she said hey to me and I squeaked hi to her then he came downstairs and got him and I got the kiss he promised me. Then we went upstairs and went straight to his room and basically cuddled for like 45 minutes time flew no joke it was comfy. Then the passionate kissing started and he got naked and then he got his stupid condom out it was a cool brand called Skyn but I still wasn’t happy about it. So I gave him a blow job to get him super hard. The foreplay was OMG it’s never been that good before like I dunno if it’s cos we haven’t see each other in so long but it was like he had a point to prove and he proved it. So we got down to business and it wasn’t actually that bad with the condom on, I think it was a thin one cos I basically forgot he had one on. Anyway long story short he made me cum twice in one session. It was amazing! And with a condom!! AHHHHH. It was pretty rough (oh it’s making me go all weird thinking about it haha) but I like it like that. He really took it out of me cos apparently i fell asleep for like an hour after and he just lay there, didn’t even wake me up or anything silly boy. I really wanted to stay the night but I couldn’t which sucks cos I love waking up next to him.

He kinda ruined it at the end though when I asked to leave my lube with him, cos I’m not using it at home I only use them with him, and I gave him three, tingle, passion fruit and a normal durex play and he basically said he’d never seen the durex play one and that it was basically empty and we had never used it. He basically accused me of using it with someone else and I guess I got a bit bitchy with him after that point but I had rights. Hmph but yeah I should be seeing him next week we might be going out to watch 22 Jump Street. He wants to watch it and I just wanna spend time with him so yah Channing Tatum is in it so yaaaaaaaaay


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