Hey Hey Hey! So it’s been a while but tbhh not much has happened for me to report on. I still haven’t seen Zack but I’m seeing him tomorrow and I’m super excited I miss him and I just wanna kiss and a cuddle though I might have to compete against the football, but I’ve told him I’m not staying the night so he might not be stupid and waste time, though I wouldn’t put it past him tbhh. 

So anyways yesterday I decided that I would come of the pill and see if that is what is making my vagina go all funny and stuff cos it was a real concern of mine but this means I have to use a condom when I have sex !! And I just hate them…so much like soooo much, they make me go all dryy and I have no problem getting wet so that is saying something, also it just interrupts the flow like putting it on and stuff. And also it will lack intimacy like there’s a shield in-between the both of us…he can’t really feel me and I can’t really feel him. What’s the point of me getting wet and stuff if he’s not feeling directly urgh! It’s actually making me quite sad, the only thing is that condoms mean less mess cos there is always the issue of cleaning up after going without but I don’t mind that to be honest so now I have to put up with sex with a piece of plastic! Urgh life sucks, Im going to go to the clinic and get a new pill and hope for the best cos I can’t go from having great sex with no condom to having average sex without. And that means he’s gonna go for longer which is just gonna hurt me in the process there is only so much girth I can take. Tbhh the way I feel I’d be happy to just cuddle and kiss. I can’t wait to see him though, I really do miss him. I really wanna kiss from him and to cuddle in his bed. 


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