All Good In The Hood

So everything is actually going really well, though I haven’t seem him basically a week and it’s really starting to get to me now cos I feel like I’m back in Hastings and I can’t go see him cos if the distance but it’s not that at all it’s other stuff. But yeah I realised I was getting annoyed with him cos we hadn’t really spoken and I was waiting for him to like message me and stuff then I realised if I missed him and wanted to talk to him I just make the first move and we had a nice convo and stuff it was cool then he went to eat like a poo and said he’d call me back and he did but I fell asleep which I feel bad about but I got called into work so it’s a good thing cos I defo needed sleep. 

So hopefully I should be seeing him next week though the painters might be in. I’m also thinking about coming off the pill my body just doesn’t like it at all I keep getting like yeast infections and stuff but like it occurs like a week before my period is due so I dunno…I’m gonna wait the 3 months things and see if my body gets used to the pill if not I might have to change or come off it completely which sucks cos I HATE condoms they make me all irritated down below and I’m like urgh! And it doesn’t feel the same, though there is less mess which is always a good thing. I’ve decided for what ever reason me and Zack finish or whatever the guy I’m gonna be with I’ll use condoms with them cos like I don’t wanna be on the pill for ages and stuff, health risks and stuff. But I hope me and him don’t end whatever it is that is going on cos I’m actually really happy though yah know it’s still not official and it’s getting to the point where I’m like “do I bring it up?” and “how do I bring it up?” it will be just do awkward yah know…like what if I don’t get the answer I wanna hear and that…? Well tis 



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