Bad Dream

So basically I had this deem this morning that Zack’s friends were at my halls of residence but he wasn’t there and he was coming or something and for some reason he had his own room like he lived there. So I was chilling with uni friends and with them as well and then I ran a bath in his place and was waiting for him but he never showed up. Like the weirdest thing is I woke up several times and would go back to sleep and continue the dream and that rarely happens. 

Like that if him not showing up was a sign of him leaving my life, like what do I do? Do I ask him if he hates me or just leave it? Like we haven’t spoken since a like Monday and like Im back at home so you’d think we’d see each other more often but nope…urgh what if I’ve pushed him away…cos like he asked me if I’d left any of my stuff at his like he didn’t wanna have to see me again…I dunno what to do…I do often think about thing pretty hard so maybe i’m just over thinking…I really do hope do 😦


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