I Hate FIFA 14

So I went to see Zach on Sunday evening…and I stayed the night, I told my mum I was going out and stuff but I just went to his…this summer is gonna be super awkward cos she doesn’t know about him and like awkwardness is just not cool but we shall seeeee. Anyways first night was all good we were in bed and we did our thing…twice…within like 20 min of each other, then we ordered pizza which was yummy and then he showed me pictures of his family at his grandma’s birthday which was cute. His older brother proper looks like him!! SOOO much! But my baby is better looking ;). But anyways then we watched an episode of The Tomorrow People and went to sleep then we woke up next morning and were in bed for 2 hours kissing and all that horny stuff and we didn’t have sex ONCE! Like duuude it has been a month and were was my morning sex! I was pleased but I was glad to be with him so yah know what ever. Then he goes and plays FIFA and makes me make my own breakfast I was so upset…like he always makes me breakfast but he refused this time like a poo. So yeah I’m in the kitchen burning myself and he’s playing FIFA as per…so I tell him at 2pm I’m gonna probs leave at 2:30pm…which is basically code for GET OF OFF FIFA! did he get that code…of course not…he comes into his room at about 2:15pm while I’m getting dressed so I get him to cream my legs for me and stuff then he does back to FIFA so I sit in his room for like 20 mins to see if he comes in and he doesn’t until like 22 mins of me being in there…so I give him the silent treatment and don’t tell him what’s wrong and then he gets annoyed so I told him and he was like “sorry blaaah blaaaah” So yeah we made up and stuff but he always puts FIFA before me like his friends constantly call him to go online and stuff like their happiness depends on him. Like when he came to see me at uni one of them was constantly calling him asking where he was and shit like OMG he’s not in London GO AWAY!!! Urgh, 

But I think we be good now…I hope 🙂

But why do boys always go stuff like this???


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