Late Update

Hey Hey Hey, so I wrote this post like a few days ago and it was blank and it had been so long that I was just so deflated to write it again but here I am updating you on the weekend me and Zack had together. 

Ahh it was so good!! He came on the sunday at like 10pm (which I was surprised about I was expecting him at like 12) we spent some time in the kitchen with the crew then went to my room to watch Saw III, I got a bit tired/bored so I decide to stop watching the film and we…well yah know 😉 then went to sleep. We musta cuddled like most of the night cos I woke up several times attached to him or really close to him, unlike last time when we woke up like without backs to each other, but I guess we’re closer now. 

Anyway so next day we went out and went to the arcade which was cute cos like that’s where our first “date” was so it was sweet, I proper wanna go bowling with him yah know I dunno bit random but true. So yeah we got a slush together and I showed him where I was gonna live next year and he was like “there better no be bare stairs” AHHH he’s looking into the future…like MONTHS ahead so that makes me think why aren’t we like officially but hey ho. So we went back to halls and ordered Chinese and finished Saw III then went to Spoon with the gang and then to some bar/club called Frenchies, it was bare weird going out with him cos he just made me feel self conscious which he knew obviously but I’ll get used to it I guess. 

Then on Tuesday we went to buy/exchange presents for two of my floor mates and then we came back and watch I Am Legend but he fell asleep so we had a nap (he never has naps I was shocked) and then went to cook breakfast (he needed to finish the bacon I bought him) and then we went back to my room and he packed his stuff up and we cuddled and had some goodbye yah know ;). Then I took him to the station and yeah I was pretty sad cos I don’t think I’m gonna see him until sometime in June which sucks sucks sucks!!!!!! But yeah ahh guys I really like this guy I’m starting to trust him more and stuff and yeah I just wish we’d become official and stuff but I guess if there’s no label then nothing can be ended right, though I’d be distraught I really would! But yeah tis all for now


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