Give Me Strength

Urgh, good things never last with me and this boy I swear like he’s just really annoyed me today like I just feel like…I don’t even know what I feel like. So basically `I was meant to go and see him this week but I have work and uni work so I can’t and next week by the time I’m free mother nature will be doing her thang. So I told him this and he was like still come and see me blah blah blah, so I was like “yaay.” Then I suggested that we go out cos like I just didn’t wanna stay indoors like that was just dumb, and I really wanna go nandos and I’m also tired of travelling all the way to see him, like why can’t he come and see me for once. So I suggested going out…that was the monday…today in now Wednesday and I still haven’t got a reply but of course he’s been on his phone all day. Like it just makes me feel like he doesn’t wanna to be seen in public with me, like how can it take that long to reply to a message especially when he’s on his phone already. 

Like when I’m upset and stuff and he asks what’s wrong like by the time I get a reply from him what was bothering me isn’t bothering me anymore so like I just don’t see the point of him asking. I’m just getting bored of his sometimeish behaviour now like I it’s been 3 months now and communication is just getting worse and I don’t wanna moan at him again so I just get all snappy and sassy with him…I’m getting a bit worked up so Ima leave it at that.


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