On A High

So I went to see his stupid face and when I got there and FIFA was on, he did play for a bit but there was a section in between where we had a lil play fight cos he got a bit rude. It was nice lol, he scratched me though, his nails are so long I forgot to cut them for him. Anyways then we watched the rest of his Chinese film then he went to make pasta and I went to his room. So basically the sex was not great like there were bits where he blew my away but I was so tired that I just couldn’t hack it for long periods of time and I just wasn’t putting in any effort and like every time he got closes to finishing I’d be like “Stop I can’t…blah blah” and I just felt so bad. But we had the best cuddle after though. Was just be on his chest and him hugging me, we had a little nap, I could have stayed like that forever. It was sweet though when I told him I wasn’t staying the night he looked so sad. I really wanted to stay, I love waking up next to him it’s so comforting. And you know someone will put up with you when they see you in the morning and still wanna give you a kiss. 

Now my next problem is my mum, I really just wanna tell her about him so in the summer I can stay the night and he can come here and see me and stuff. It would be nice yah know, I mean it’s better when I got there cos it’s just me and him but like it does cost me a lot to go see him like sometimes he has to make an effort. Im meant to go and see him sometime this week but I just don’t know when to be honest. Like I’ve got a lot of work to do and from this saturday to next week I’m gonna be working 4 days straight. I’m just gonna be so tired!!! Ah well I’ll work something out and he said he’s gonna come see me first weekend of May so I’m excited for that. 

I really do like him despite how crazy he drives me and part of that is me and my insecurities and stuff plus I guess I just expect  bit too much, but I’m getting used to him and his non emotional ways. I miss him when I’m not with him though, not like a lot but I just wanna cuddle sometimes yah know and he’s so warm I just…ahh. 

But any suggestion on how to break it to my mummy??


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