Relationship Update

So my last post was in February. Sorry (not that I have many readers anyways, plus I’ve been using my diary a lot more. I switch between the two). So anyways so much has happened between me and Zack. We’re not official or anything but we’re still here…three months in. It’s been a rocky road though, like there was a few dark weeks that I just had a bad time…like I locked myself in my room at uni for like 3 days. Basically he would take like 24 hours to reply to my messages and he said he was gonna come visit me and then he said he couldn’t make it on the day we had planned and so I got really upset and just told him to fuck off. So I basically thought there was another girl and all that shit. Then I confronted him about the long replies and we kind sorted out. I figured out a system that means I get quicker replies from him. If I wait a few hours to reply to him then he’ll reply to me a bit quicker. Usually. So yeah we’re kinda ok…sometimes I just wanna hit him and stamp all over him but he does make me happy and the more I miss him the more I just get angry at him. Weird but that’s me. I’m mean to be seeing him this weekend but there might be a problem with the dates and stuff (kmt) but I just hope he doesn’t spend his time playing stupid video games…it’s been almost 4 weeks since I saw him stupid face I just wanna spend time with him. Have a cuddle and watch a film and other stuff ;). But really I just miss staring at his stupid face and playing with this stupid moustache. And just being in his presence. I feel all weird like there’s a vital part missing from me…so small but important. I really don’t want to get this attached to him…cos I doubt he’s that attached to me especially if I’m one of many. 

I proper wanna go out on like a lil date with him while I’m here. I wanted to go bowling but boy am I too poor for that. So maybe Nandos or summin my meal always cost like £11 which I can defo afford (I know he could pay for me but I just don’t like that kinda thing. I work and make my own money so why should I have to depend on him for anything eh?. Though sometimes it’s nice to be treated.) So I might totally suggest that, though I dread taking him out to eat. He eats like a cave man, shovels everything into his mouth…fills his cheeks with food. Ahh he’s so cute sometimes. I really miss him…I dunno if you can tell, I do wish I saw him more often.

If we’re still going strong or not so strong in summer then obviously I’ll see him more often but he works during the week and I usually work weekends so like it’s already a problem. Another problem is my mother. I haven’t told her about him and like I just don’t know how to do. I always come up with lies to go and see him and I’ll say I’m off to uni when really I’ll go spend the night with him ad then go to uni. In the summer that might get a bit harder cos I’ll see him more often…so what do I do? Do I have to introduce him to her. URGH I can’t deal with this it’s all too much. Anyways I’ve rambled on enough. 


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