I’m Starting to Realise


So I just got back from work and I had like a revelation on the way there and have to share with the 12 people who follow me and anyone else who reads my blog. 

I guess Zack isn’t out to use me like I thought at the start I’ve still got my doubts I think I’m finally starting to let my defence wall down one brick at a time. All the things that he says and does doesn’t seem to add up to someone who would be using a female just to have sex, I mean I could be wrong but I’m hoping not. 

Example 1: He spent almost £40 to come and see me in Hastings I mean yeah he could have just wanted to have sex but no one really spends that much money especially if he was 100% he was getting some action. Then later in a phone conversation he said, “you must be someone really special for me have to spent £40.” So that’s one example.

Example 2: On our first meeting/date he made no/very little sexual advancements, I mean he did like put his hand on my thigh when we were talking and stuff but nothing too much and we ended the night with a sweet hug.

Example 3: He always speaks of events to happen in the future, like I told him that he snores and he was like “next time get some evidence” that means he plans of sleeping (actually sleeping) with me again…woop sleepover. He also said he’s coming to see me again in uni so yay. The one thing that sealed the deal was he mentioned going to the cinema in April, now it’s just hit February and April is a while away. It also means he must have taken the time out to see when I break up from uni cos he mentioned “early April” which is when I break up. Which again shows he cares I guess!!! No one plans to go to the cinema with someone they don’t want around two months in advance.

Example 4: He offered to buy me £25 jumper, the price isn’t the issue I guess it’s the gesture you don’t spend money on someone you’re using that would be dumb right?

Example 5: I’ve met his friends, and he wasn’t afraid to kiss me and cuddle and shit in front of them which I was happy about cos I didn’t know what to do or say but he made me feel at ease by just being cute with me and not being ashamed and that. 

In short I think he’s the real deal, I of course am still skeptical cos sometimes I just think “what does he see in me?” “he’s so out of my league” “i’m not good enough for him” etc, but obvs he doesn’t see it that way/