Maybe It’s Me

So basically, still no reply from Zack, but he’s been on Whatsapp…like I don’t quite understand what has changed from like 8am to 12:30pm for him to not want to talk to me and this time last week I was with him. Like what has changed in a week. He’s been talking about the future like Valentine’s Day and my birthday (which is in MARCH) so maybe I’m just being paranoid. I just guess I have some serious trust issues and self confidence problems. I just wanna talk to him I guess but I don’t wanna seem clingy. I just want to know what we are so then I can yah know worry less I guess. If I knew where I stood with him exactly then I would’t be feeling like this. I’ve had two dreams of like people in relationships solidifying their relationships; I just want to know where our relationship is at and where it is going. I guess I should probs tell him this. Cos it’s clear that I like this boy a lot. Gosh this is why I don’t like falling for people cos I always end up worrying and now I just want to go and sleep with this guy just to get back at him for something he probably hasn’t done.

I think he does like me but sometimes I just don’t know. Like who spends £40 to see someone they don’t really like, unless he really just wanted to have sex but £40 is pretty pricey for vagina and he says he’s gonna come and see me in February so like basically he’s planning things in the future but now he’s ignoring/forgotten me. 

Someone please help me…I need some serious advice.


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