Heart Break Hotel

I hate my life. Today started to nicely, I had the best dream ever, Zack asked me to be his girlfriend it felt so real and like I was glad cos I just knew where we stood. Like right I don’t know what we are like we’re nothing. Basically friends with benefits, am I his booty call, his side chick? Like I’ve met his friends but I don’t know that doesn’t really count for anything right? Ah I hate not know what we are. Like I really like this guy a lot but today he’s basically ignored me all day but he’s been on Whatsapp. Like I don’t mind him not speaking to me but like could he just read my message and not reply instead of not replying for like 12 hours? Like who does that? *Sigh* and I’m scared he’s been chilling with another girl and doing it today of all days would really hurt me like fuck cos I was meant to go see him today/yesterday but I didn’t cos of my below area. So if he spent the day with another girl that would kill me. GOSH what is going on?!? HELP!!


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