So OMG first of all there is someone who actually reads my blog! Like OMG HELLO, I got a comment and I defo agree. I guess he’s not the one…though I am young so I guess I wasn’t expecting him to be. 

But back to the WHY UNIVERSE WHY!! So basically I spent the weekend with Zack and I was riding the crimson wave so we just cuddled and shit…much to both of our despair so we planned to see each other on saturday but I’m having period pains like hell! I really don’t want to go on my period!!! WHY ME!! WHYYYY but what makes things worse of me is I think the morning after pill has given me a yeast infection!! Like I’ve got cottage cheese like discharge! WHY ME!! URGH I haven’t got time for this! Like every time we make plans to do the dirty something stupid comes up! Like WTF is this a sign…? HELP ME!!!


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