Why Can’t I Get Things Right

Do I have “Mug” written on my forehead, I just don’t understand why I always pick and fall for IDIOTS! My new guy…I’ll call him Zack, he so confusing, I just don’t know where I stand with him, I don’t know if we’re like friends with benefits, if he’s sleeping with other guys or what. I just don’t know who I am to him. Like he mentioned Valentine’s Day but that doesn’t mean anything. Like on the Monday that I spent time with him he’d basically had enough of me and went to play FIFA and ignored me for like 2 hours and did it on the Sunday as well I fell asleep waiting for him. I was also really upset with him for chatting about me to his friends and hiding shit from me. I know I haven’t know him long but I’m not hiding anything from him. Though the more I feel like he’s pushing me away the more likely I am to walk right into the bed of the guy I first slept with. He keeps asking to me come around for “old times sake” and I might just take him up on his offer. But I couldn’t do that…for many different reasons. So I’m just gonna get hurt…I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHERE I STAND. I thought I met someone nice when I met him but oh how I was wrong…so so so sooooo wrong. I thought he was a good guy, I thought he cared about me. The way he is with me…like we’ll be starring at each other and he’ll lift my chin up and kiss me but then again Ray used to do that to me so I don’t know! But we’d just have moments and he’d cuddle me and it would be so nice. But then I’d feel like sometimes he’s sick of me. Like one time it was mad late at night and he was facing me so I turned over and he turned away like instantly. But then again I moved like far away from him and he moved closer. So again…I don’t know! URGH gosh…lemme finish my ice cream. 


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