Hey, so it’s been a while and I have quite a lot to say. I left my diary at uni so I decided to write in/ to the inter web. So basically about a month ago I met this guy, online, it wasn’t like on purpose just an accident he messaged me. So we got chatting and he wanted to meet up and usually I would be like “Fuck Off” but I decided to give it a go and we went out to some arcade and played pool and it was actually really fun then we went back to his and we played FiFA and jammed he didn’t try anything sexual it was proper nice. We continued chatting and like we’ve talked everyday. Then he came to see me at uni and well we did the need. But he told me he really liked me but I’m a bit sceptical about it but I really like him like a lot. I just connect with him and he makes me feel comfy. So anyways this weekend I went to stay with him but I was on my period cos I took the morning after pill so we couldn’t like yah know. And he knew that I was on but he still told me to come which makes me think he actually might like me. Who knows…well he does. He made me a bit upset though when I was with him, he went on Skype with his friends and one of them who hasn’t met me (his friends came over and they got high and shit) was asking him about me, which mean they his friends were chatting about me and then he started talking about me on Skype and laughing and shit. I’m scared that they think I’m ugly and are gonna give him grief about me and then he’s gonna like stop talking to me and I’m gonna get hurt. I mean he calls me pretty and sexy and shit but he might just be saying that URGH! What makes things worse is I don’t know what we are…like are we just Friends with Benefits, Seeing Each other, Boyfriend and Girlfriend, just friends? I DONT KNOW! He calls me his best friend but like what does that even mean. I don’t know what do to. Like do I confront him about it or just leave it. I don’t want to seem like a bitch and annoy him. Urgh, I really like him, like really, really like him. A lot a lot a lot!!!!!!!!! Urgh if someone reads this please help!!!!


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