So It’s Been A While

Hey so although no one reads this blog, I thought I would apologise for the lack of posting. It’s hard to keep a diary and a blog I keep neglecting one of you and it seems that this time it was you my dear blog. So I am sorry for that. So anyways nothing really new has happened. I kinda bucked up the courage to start a convo with Ray and it actually worked like we had a convo for days and it wasn’t forced and shiz. There were times when I was worried he’d just air me but he didn’t. He aired me when I was least expecting it. Sucks really. But I’ve been on whatsapp a couple times speaking to couple people and he just hasn’t been on that much since we stopped chatting. Now I dunno if I’m gassing myself up but I guess I was big part of whyy he was constantly on whatsapp. And I went on on Tuesday/Wednesday and he stayed up on whatsapp with me until I was home…which was like 2…and he had work experience the next day…I was so gassed. So things are going well with us I guess I don’t wanna slap him so yah know…Well I’m off goodnight. 


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