I Am So Confused It Hurts!

So ARGH! My head hurts so much…like so much…I’ve spend like 60% of my day, props more thinking about Ray and our past…like we’ve been messing around like over 8 months now…I don’t understand how you can consistently do that and not catch feelings it just doesn’t make any sense at all! Ah this just sucks cos I feel like I should tell him how I feel so that I feel a bit better about the situation but then I don’t want to make things awkward between us and I like the way things are…well kinda…I’m content I guess…but I was thinking back to all the time we’ve done stuff and like the first few times it was just casual…not heat not emotions and then (I don’t know where) but it slowly started to get more deep…I dunno if he felt that but I know I did…but who knows?  Well actually someone does know but I don’t wanna know impose and I don’t wanna know the truth fully cos I guess I already have an idea in my head but when someone confirms it, it makes it so much worse cos you can’t escape from the fact. 

Anyways I’m so tired yah don’t understand! Got work to do!



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