Boys Have Feelings?!?!

OMG! So boys have feelings…And when I say boys I meant Ray…have you got that yet? He is Boys in my life…tis weird but true! So yeah I totally hurt his feelings today and I felt awful! Like OMG i was so sad cos the way he reacted was shocking. I basically said that he didn’t know how to be nice which obviously upset him :O OMG right well yeahh I didn’t actually apologise but I kinda was like “I’l leave you alone now” and like after a couple of minutes he was like “it’s cool” which is nice…means he forgave me and shit and I guess he understands like I didn’t mean it in the way in which I said it, but yeahh 🙂 we’re still talking now which is odd cos like we’ve talked everyday now since I got my bb so yah know…I feels nice I guess…though I’m like 110% he doesn’t like me all…but yah know ah well…He said I was pretty today…not in so many words but he inferred that and it made me happy…at least he doesn’t think I’m ugly and shizzle…silver lining…yeahh not much else to say about him tbhh…only it’s a lost cause but I’m still hoping for the best. I was thinking that maybe I should tell him before I got to uni, I still feel the same that is…and it won’t be awkward cos I’ll be in Hasting hopefully…sunning myself and tryna forget about him. 

Anyways I’m off to bed cos I keep walking up late even with three alarm clocks. So goodnight world!


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